I can’t believe it! We made it to 35 weeks! This kiddo is nearly fully cooked. There is this funny milestone at 35 weeks. You are 35 weeks pregnant and have 35 days until your due date, so you are 35/35! All of these silly things that I am just so thrilled to be reaching.

So where are we in our preparations? Well, we were taking it slow until a friend in our Jewish Baby University class delivered 6 weeks early… she was due the day after us!!!!! That put us in fast forward. Dan has been cleaning up his projects and I have been washing and organizing baby things. The one outstanding issue is the car seat. We choose the UppaBaby system based on very positive reviews from experts and people we know. We received the whole stroller set as a (very generous) gift from the Haykins and the bassinet that comes with it will be Baby Haykin’s bed until he can sleep through the night. Now we needed the “Mesa” car seat.

My folks offered to purchase the car seat for us so my mom and I went to the store… only to find it gone. We went online… not one available! What is GOING ON!? Too much stress for me! It turns out that they discontinued the old one because they were launching a new one… except, the new version was delayed. Well… this guy is planning on showing up in June (G-d willing) and we can’t wait for the new one to be released. So I went on an online hunt. I found literally ONE seat left in (what felt like) the world. So we bought it (wrong color but at this point, who cares). The next day we get a call from the place where we purchased it, Stroller Depot, to let us know they actually don’t have one. AHHHH!!!! But the very nice guy on the phone said he had just taken one out of the box and would be happy to give it to us since we are all located in Colorado and he can’t ship it.

So we are headed down there this week to get ourselves an infant car seat! WHEW! I know it’s not the end of the world but I was looking to steer clear of buying adapters and such.

Now all we have to do it pack bags for the hospital, sterilize some bottles, and wait for little man to arrive!


Today was a hectic day. Meeting after meeting. Project after project. Email after email. I cranked all day. But there was something that was never far from my mind today.

Today, our little girl, our second baby, was due. I felt such hope about that pregnancy. Surely after our first loss, G-d would help us keep this baby. All the signs were there. We found out we were pregnant on Dan’s birthday. The baby was due on 3/3, one of the alternate dates we picked for our wedding. But also, if the baby was born on 3/3, we would share a hebrew birthday 13 Adar. We would both be Purim babies. And if this baby came two weeks late (just like I did) we would share an English birthday. My in-laws, my stepmother and I all share March birthdays. See?! So many signs.

I carry you in my heart But that little girl was not meant to come home with us. She was very ill, we found out after we lost her and it was (we learned from the doctor) better that she wasn’t born. But she and her older sibling (due 12/13/14) are never far from my mind. I wear a little heart necklace all the time now. It reminds me of the two little hearts that aren’t here with us. I know that they are in our hearts though and their little brother who, G-d willing, will join us in June will be a very special part of our family.

A loss mom said to me once, “I was so sad about my miscarriage but after I had my son, I realized that without that loss, I wouldn’t have the amazing boy I have today.”

So I was sad on 12/13/14 and 3/3/15 but I am so thank-full and joy-full that this little man is growing perfectly inside me. Baby Boy Haykin – we can’t wait to meet you! (But stay safe in there as long as you need to!!)

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Blink of an eye

Life can change in a blink of an eye. Everything is so delicate. We may not realize it because our world is hard and fast but it’s not always. And in the most tragic times, we often close up on ourselves and stay quiet. We create a safe space and control that space. But as I think about this, I am reminded of an episode of the Dennis Prager show’s “Male/Female Hour.” He discusses the importance of having ‘couple’ friends that you can open up to. Often we lie or ‘vaguebook’ or pretend that the world is so perfect for us when in reality we are struggling just like everyone else. And why can’t we share? Well we are afraid someone will exploit this knowledge of us or we won’t be seen as perfect. Continue reading

Our Engagement Story

How we got engaged:

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We are currently sharing a car as his blew up prior to a camping trip. He needed it yesterday for work so he dropped me off at my job in the morning. He came to pick me up after work. We had talked about maybe working out that afternoon but first we HAD to stop by the garden. It had been a rainy and cool few days and with Yom Kippur, we hadn’t been to the garden in a couple of days. He lured me there with the notion that our watermelon… yes we grew a watermelon!!! might be ready.

That day I had forwarded him an email from the minyan (a lay led synagogue) that we had been attending, suggesting that we should join and do a couples membership. He told me “Whoa, lo0k you have to give me a night to think about this. Joining a synagogue as a couple is a big step. I mean, it says something, especially if we aren’t even engaged!”

I could kick myself! How could I do that?! Scaring off the Sweet Boyfriend is NOT a good idea!

So we proceeded to the garden. I flitted around… picking zucchinis and patty-pans while Sweet Boyfriend is off in a corner. La la la… no worries in the world.

Sweet Boyfriend says: “Babe! Come here! You have to see this!”

I come running. Is it a awesome squash? A yellow patty-pan? I come running. Just as I get to him, he turns around, looks me in the eyes and says: “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

I froze. Holy crap. That isn’t a squash. That is a ring. A beautiful ring.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” I said.

“Can I put this thing on your finger before I drop it in the dirt?” Sweet Boyfriend said.

Of course. And though, after a touch of canoodling in the garden, I was ready to get back to picking… he informed me that it was all just a ruse to get me there. And there is champagne on ice at home. And we are going out to dinner.

Whoa, can this man plan!

When it was all said and done, he has been planning this for a while. He spoke to my father at break the fast after Yom Kippur, the day before, to get permission. His folks have seen and approved of the ring (and me).

He became a diamond expert and purchased me a stone cut in a vintage style… to match my vintage style… and he proposed to me in the garden we grew together.

2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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I must brag! We did it! We finished our thank you cards! Finally!

I had been warned that this was going to be the most time consuming and annoying part of the wedding. Every night, writing cards for months. But honestly, I enjoyed it. I love handwriting cards to friends and family. In fact, I have an 80-something year old pen pal in Chicago. :)

But all in all, I am proud of us. We wrote all of our thank you cards and I even made Dan in charge of his friends and family, for the most part, and he completed all of those last night!



(It was also fun because we loved our thank you cards which were designed for us by our awesome invitation designer, Brooke at Paper Candy Prints)

First Comes Love…

Then comes marriage…

Then comes a PUPPY!

The Haykins have expanded to three. Last week, we did our first adult thing since getting married… we adopted a puppy! She’s the cutest little thing ever.


  • Name: Soba Schnoodle Haykin
  • Breed: Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle)
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Temperament: ADORABLE, sweet, calm, and playful

Here are some pics of our new little girl!